Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know, you can't explain.
But you feel it. You've felt it your entire life. That there's something wrong with the world.
You don't know what it is, but it's there...like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.
It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?

"Morpheus, The Matrix"

Friday, 26 February 2010


source: Exopolitics.blogs
by: J E Ante

In the early days of the American time travel and teleportation technology the many secrets of life on Mars and other planets was learned by time travelers in the late 1940s.  Many of these hardened military men and scientist went mad with this knowledge and experiences.  It was thought that the more inflexible left brained thinking soldiers and scientists of the time did not adapt well mentally.  And so secrecy was soon rationalized as the only prudent policy for the masses at that time.

Today this is not the case as many time travelers have seeded the recent past 60 years with many science fiction writings to prepare the human masses for the shock of the many cruel and strange lifeforms on other planets.  Today most all scientists and military soldiers have grown up in a culture of many right brained  and whole brained New Age and science fiction thinking and ideas which past generation never new or experienced.  Now there is a true hunger for the true history of our solar system and alien life which shares our existence.

Many past teleporters and time travelers were lost and killed in the past on strange worlds and times exploring the multiverse of time and space.  But it was the mental imbalances of explorers which brought about the strict government policies of secrecy for the masses.  What the elite did not understand at the time is that it was man's great empathy which was the true cause of this mental breakdown of most all of these past teleporters and time travelers.  When a man visually sees a friend or humanoid life form killed and eaten it is a life changing experience which shakes them to the core.  And so many travelers to Mars were lost to insanity from their own empathic natures because many of the lifeforms are human-animal or human-insect hybrids which are eaten by larger predators.

I believe a great cosmic war was once brought to our solar system and the surface civilizations were destroyed and one of our planets was destroyed and is now our asteroid belt.  The war was a genetic war with the forces of total freedom and total responsibility on opposite sides of the war.  Those who believed in total freedom wished to create many human-animal hybrids and human-insect hybrids lifeforms.  And they wished to use human clones for their own spare body parts.  And those who believed in total responsibility believed this was very wrong and killed them for this.  

When humans created the many intelligent human hybrid animals, insects, and plants it creates great suffering and spiritual confusing for those life-forms that are created.  And it creates an eons and centuries long debt of service for others to watch over them and help them in their misery and spiritual confusion.  Some hybrid life-forms were created for war or intelligence which rivaled mankind for dominance in the universe and had to be exterminated at great costs.  And the clones used for spare body parts were humans which also had souls and rights of existence.  And so a great war was fought to end the many unwise practices which caused so much pain and suffering in this part of the universe.  And many of the surface civilizations in our solar system were reduced to a stone age existence and our solar system was embargoed from exporting any now illegal life-forms to cause harm.  This is the short version of our ancient past which I believe is correct.

Eventually the elite government, military, and business rulers of the Earth today will allow the truth to be know and UFOs, life on Mars, and alien cultures will become as commonplace as the local news.  It is the fear of scientists that our culture will be the lesser culture and be largely destroyed by this alien contact.  But this is true of only the lower fearful aggressive cultures not of contacts with a higher spiritual culture who has little need to conquer. We have judged our own past failings with primitive cultures and so expect the same from advanced alien culture of today.  But 60 years of contacts have now shown us the error of our past fears and understanding of culture shock and harm.

Today mankind has had a 60 year history with several alien cultures and has no longer the reasons for concern above.  But old out-moded attitudes are difficult to change for those in power and authority. All that really needs to be muted is the harsher scenes of slaughter and cruelty on Mars and other cultures of the human hybrids which is so mentally disturbing to watch.  This is the same muting and editing of the evening news that is done for wars, bloody fatal accidents, and animal cruelty and slaughter currently on Earth. So we have many current muting censors in place to deal with alien contacts and visual and mental cultural shocks. We need not wait any longer.

Change is coming soon and mankind will have a new Renaissance of adventure  and wonder for the masses to share in life.  And the elite of Earth who live with this burden daily will wonder why they waited so long to share it. 

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