Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know, you can't explain.
But you feel it. You've felt it your entire life. That there's something wrong with the world.
You don't know what it is, but it's there...like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.
It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?

"Morpheus, The Matrix"

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

UFO Disclosure 2010: Alien Contact Is Increasing

source: Basil & Spice
by: Kelly Jad'on

An Interview With Jim Moroney, Author of The Extraterrestrial Answer Book: UFOs, Alien Abductions, and the Coming ET Presence.

"It was as if a veil had fallen away. She {the being} stepped forward and I was completely enveloped in an incredible sense of love and compassion. I tried to control myself, but the tears simply erupted from me and I cried. I clung to her and cried like a child. She said, "It's okay to cry. The strong ones cry."

Jim Moroney from The Extraterrestrial Answer Book

Jim Moroney is the executive director of the Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association in Alberta, Canada. A heck of a nice guy, he’s friendly, well-spoken, and all together quite normal.

Well known in the world of alien abduction and UFO encounters, Jim is a regularly featured speaker at extraterrestrial – focused conferences. Though the public is aware of alien encounters, UFO sightings and the like, not everyone has heard Jim Moroney’s story.

Feeling skeptical? That’s probably typical, but I asked Jim, “What do you say to people who doubt you?”

Jim—“It doesn’t upset me; there’s a great difference between knowledge and belief. I know the reality of my own experiences and if someone doesn’t believe me, it doesn’t change that reality. If a person is willing to sit and listen to me, I should feel honored that they took time to listen and not worry about if they believe me…it’s very difficult to believe. There are others that would never give the time to listen.”

I once sat where many readers sit, in the seat of a Doubting Thomas, until I met Melanie, a close friend, and she told me about her own lifetime encounters. I opened my mind to the possibility that contact is occurring-–but how? Why? And with whom?

Jim Moroney has many of the answers. Are you ready to listen?

Jim, is contact increasing between the aliens and humans?

Jim Moroney: Compared with the past? Yes. Absolutely!

Why? What is the purpose, do you think?

It is my experience that the abductions are directly related to the aliens beings' desire to help humanity save itself from a conflict that will certainly occur in my life time and I’m guessing within the next 10 to 20 years. The purpose is not just contact as we had once thought, but rather as an intervention; and because it is an intervention, we have to change the way we look at it. It has all the components of an intervention: it’s difficult, it feels forced, it’s uncomfortable, it’s stressful and a lot of us are really going to struggle with it. These beings also desire a closer more intimate relationship with us.

If disclosure occurs, will abductions increase?

Abductions are occurring at a rate that will be unrelated to disclosure. The reports of abductions or direct encounters may increase if disclosure occurs and if a system is set up to track encounter experiences. I support the idea of UFO disclosure, and there’s a good reason for that. In my line of work, we regularly debate issues surrounding public panic as it relates to a host of issues such as pandemics, emergency planning, and bioterrorism. Good science tells us that public panic is rare and most rare when people are provided with accurate trustworthy information. The need for secrecy to avoid panic is not supported by any scientific research. It is important to tell the public what we know, what we think we know and what we don’t know. We should also provide information about what individuals can do.

Are you certain that these are alien abductions and not governments committing the acts? How do you know the difference?

My experience is that it is extraterrestrial; I do not believe there is any evidence of any government involvement.

Why do humans deny the fact that contact occurs?

“It is no longer the question of when will humanity contact and interact with extraterrestrials but rather the much more difficult question of how they have decided to interact with us!." Jim Moroney from The Extraterrestrial Answer Book

This is a complicated phenomenon. There is a lot of conflicting information on the subject which makes it difficult to sort out what is good data and what is bad data. Alien contact breaks a lot of rules of what we thought contact should be. It is possible that you already had contact but don’t remember it—it’s very possible.

The aliens have the ability to choose to interact with individuals in specific relationships—we don’t understand what’s going on completely but we do know they are drown to very specific individuals regardless of their social status, race or beliefs. It seems the aliens' preference is to select individuals for a relationship that means they send a great deal of effort evaluating people, and then they decide upon a time when they believe it would be in the person’s best interest to become aware of this contact. It seems that one alien being takes a lead role in a very intimate way—very much like the buddy-system, or as in a counselor-like situation but much more intimate.

How old were you when the first contact was made Jim?

My first recollection of contact was about eight or nine years old. I didn’t know it was contact at the time and I was only left with a fragmentary memory of the incident. Of course these beings allowed me to remember that fragment because they believed it would be important for me to understand that when I became fully aware of their reality, I would also be able to reason that this relationship had been going on for a long time…much longer than I was consciously aware of. The amount of planning on their part is really very astonishing.

Do you remember experiences in detail?

Memories are recalled in three different ways. Some are retained through hypnotic regression, others are conscious, and some are a mixture of the in between---like a lucid dream. I tend to rely on my conscious waking memories more…so yes, I do have clear memories of some experiences, but almost all have fragments of memory missing.

Is the contact dangerous?

There is a degree of risk—both physical and psychological, but I have come to understand that the psychological stresses caused by these experiences are the most difficult. This contact is happening thousands of years before it should have, it’s happening because of what we are doing to each other and the planet, it’s happening because we are rapidly approaching a turning point in our history that will be directly related to a global threat of our making. I also suspect that there is some risk to these aliens who have chosen to sacrifice so much? It’s a very difficult relationship for us and for them--and with any relationships there are risks.

How long has your alien contact been occurring? And how many times have you encountered the others?

Contact with me has been selective, here and there, over 40 years. I only have conscious recollections of a dozen contacts but I would not be surprised that there were many more.

Why you Jim?

I’m hoping they like me. If you want an intimate relationship you want to find someone that you have something in common with. Of course the criteria that they use to select individuals is only known to the aliens at present. The best description I heard of that described a set of contactees was “gentle.” I think it depends a lot on what they perceive your role is here, the perception of your life, your spiritual development or journey, and your ability to adapt to new and extreme situations. Their desire is to help me.

Are you looking forward to seeing them again?

Well, yes and no. I do hope I will one day understand much more than I do now, that I will have a better relationship with them. But I am keenly aware of how difficult it is. Every experience is for a specific reason and purpose which these beings aggressively pursue. I trust them to guide me in the relationship, but that will be up to them.

The ones I’ve contacted with appeared to be the same kind of species. They are beings which are much different than us but there are some similarities. They have a sense of humor…thank God. I doubt that their genetic backgrounds are based on mammalian DNA…there are some attributes that suggest insect qualities. Yet they are generally human in appearance, with two arms, two legs, and large heads holding two all blue large pupils for eyes. Rather unnerving, their bodies are slender and slight, with their strength being their mental abilities. Height ranges from 3’8” to 10 feet with size difference being designated to specific tasks.

Do you have increased psychic abilities because of your interaction with the others?

Yes. I’ve become more sensitive over the years.

Jim, you write about each of us “at some point in time …will have to decide how to respond to the aliens.” Why? Do you believe the disclosure will occur in our lifetime?
Yes, I believe disclosure in a way has been happening and will continue within our lifetime. Waiting for formal government disclosure will take some patience. I’m in favor of developing a social response to this. How we should respond? Welcome these beings? Shall we be tentative, and scared of them? Shall we ask governments to be involved? Shall we ask individuals to talk about it?

The focus should be about improving the information we have on the subject, to encourage people to discuss the issue. How we do this is the million-dollar question. We may get disclosure from China, which is rising to power. They are just getting involved in the space program. Disclosing the phenomenon will put them in the history books.

Another possible scenario involves the aliens disclosing themselves.

Why no saucer in Washington or Ottawa then Jim?

There are hundreds of governments around the world and all of them operate differently. To them, individuals will change the world. They are keenly aware of our social structures (governments), most of which are designed to enhance the differences and separation between people…not bring them together. Governments don’t represent all the people…but individuals do represent themselves. Given the choice…if I could do what they do…I would prefer to seek out individuals that I could have a meaningful relationship with, before sitting in a board meeting. Human beings created all the governments of the world, all the good and all the bad. That means we can also change them. These beings see themselves as coming from the Universe…as part of the Universe…as we are. They want us to make changes but they also want us to individually find those answers.

What is the spiritual human struggle you discuss in your book? What’s holding us back?

Our understanding of how the Universe really works—the imbalance between our spiritual and technological development is important to comprehend. If we don’t find a way to live in peace we’ll be facing extinction.

How will abductions halt another war?

For some unknown reason, abductions are necessary to extract individuals for medical procedures, which are the most often types of memories. Assuming these beings want us to remember these and using simple deductive reasoning has led me to believe that knowing about this medical component will be important for the future, to the relationship, that means that something extraordinary is going to happen in our lifetime and it is going to involve these beings in a significant way.

So, abductees, as a generation, are not dying?

I don’t know.

You mention that a major physical event must occur to move humanity to another level in our mental/spiritual development, for “a whole new reality” to occur. This sounds like an “end of times” statement. Are you a believer in 2012?

I believe humanity is in for grim times. Wars—that’s what we’re looking at. After two major world wars, humanity made an effort for peace; we obviously failed but we had a desire for world peace. It’s regrettable and sad but perhaps we need another great war before we can finally put this way of resolving our differences behind us.

Do you believe that the future can be altered due to free will?

Oh yeah; it’s my desire, to find a way to for us to live in peace together. This is a struggle between good and evil—and we retain both parts..it’s just a matter of not letting our fear control us. There is always room for free will…it may rain tomorrow…but how you decide to react to that rainy day is up to you.

“We hugged and she {the being} said, "I wish I could stand beside you to face the things that you're going to have to face." Jim Moroney from The Extraterrestrial Answer Book

Jim Moroney IHT, BSc, CRSP, CSP is dedicated to providing the best available information on the subject of UFOs. With a unique and deeply personal experience of the phenomenon combined with over 20 years of experience in UFO research and scientific training he is known to be candid and direct.

A formal education in science, transpersonal psychology, occupational hygiene and health and safety, Jim Moroney is also the author of the The New Bridge and Director of the Alberta UFO Study Group in Western Canada.

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