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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Crop Circle Wisdom & Chirton Bottom Formation

source: cropcirclewisdom

Discovered an awesome crop circle site today. Clean, easy to use, up-to-date and some great photography!
Something else which I have searched for with regards to crop circle orientated sites, is insight into what each crop formation might be and some analysis to feed some questions and much needed curiosity in the mind.


Chirton Bottom, nr Urchfont, Wiltshire. Reported 16th June 2010

When the message of this new formation came through - something told me not to hesitate, so this one I had to go and see!
We were aiming to catch some contrast from the setting sun but due to the location and with the formation lying in a dip, the sun set below the visible horizon before we managed to get there.
At ground level the formation felt right and flowed with a positive feeling. The lay of the formation just simply displayed geometric perfection with barley swirling into the open circles. A big thumbs up to the makers in restoring some more faith that they are still around and haven’t taken an Italian vacation after all !!

This figure of eight formation with open and closed circles gave me the impression of a ‘ broken chain ‘ with swirling water flowing in and out of each circle. ( please refer to images showing a blue contrast ) .

This barley formation also showed something of interest which was visible throughout the entire formation . The semi mature flattened barley had also young barley mixed within, but the young barley was left standing upright and appeared not to affected as was the semi mature barley. How is this possible ? - How does the force applied determine whether the plant is young or old ? and how does it avoid this young plant in the process of creation ?. It also a good indication that some kind of respect to the young plant is shown..

There was also no signs of other non native plants mixed into this formation.

We stayed till the sun set and took some more shots which again displayed something different - the flattened barley was now showing white swirls - probably a reflection from the flash but nevertheless an interesting effect.

Could this arrival be a sign that the long awaited season is about to kick off !!??

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