Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know, you can't explain.
But you feel it. You've felt it your entire life. That there's something wrong with the world.
You don't know what it is, but it's there...like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.
It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?

"Morpheus, The Matrix"

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Solstice Night Crop Circle - Pewsey Vale

source: crop circle wisdom
by: Andrew Pyrka

June 20th 2010 Solstice Eve - we set off into the Wiltshire countryside trying to find the ideal spot to watch over the many fields. The evening came with spectacular sunset so we took the opportunity to watch the sun disappear beneath the horizon.

Just before nightfall we split into two separate groups and headed to our chosen locations. The night was still with not even a breeze in the air - the temperature at first was very comfortable but then dropped to 7 degrees Celsius. Daylight was visible on the horizon up until 23.30 BST, then slowly the fields below became invisible in the darkness of the night. It wasn’t long before things started to happen, just after midnight a large orange light appeared in the distant horizon and hovered for 2 to 3 minutes, this happened twice.

After sitting in the car for over an hour it was time to stretch our legs. After a few minutes of standing outside we were greeted by a single gust of wind which moved the tress directly behind us, then it was all still again and then the field below the White Horse of Milk Hill lit up a pale blue ( This we have witnessed now on several occasions and we still cant ascertain where the light source comes from ). This happened three times during the night.

We kept in touch with the second group on a frequent basis, they to reported the orange lights and something little bit more interesting.

The second group were situated on the edge of a small wooded area ( three fields away where this new formation appeared ).

This is what they said “ We feel that we cant stay here as its very eerie - dark figures are darting around our car - we don’t feel comfortable, we are leaving now”.

They left the area and joined us at approx 2am.

By 3am we were all starting to feel sleepy and I was just about to close my eyes when a large white and very bright light appeared on the horizon. It moved swiftly and directly over our heads then swayed side to side and descended in the area of this new crop formation. I tried to capture this on camera but High definition camcorders seem to lack the ability to lock on to a light source in the darkness of the night but a UFO enthusiast who camped out on Adams Grave did capture this on a professional camera, so we hope to see this again sometime. This is my second closest encounter with a UFO but due to its brightness it was hard to distinguish the shape.

When suitable day light broke through, we could not see any formations in fields in our view so we drove the circuit but yet still nothing visible. We ended up by Silbury Hill and watched the Solstice sun rise to the many beating sounds of distant drums.

At first we were surprised that no formations were found - so the only way to be sure was to fly.

The first flight took off just after 8am with Olivier Morel on board - then approximately 45 minutes later we spotted the plane returning but then the plane started banking and flying in a circle several times - this was a positive sight and good indication that something was spotted.

Well the makers didn’t disappoint us and delivered a formation for us all on Solstice day.

I became quite excited when I first saw the location of this new formation - as on the 16th of June I flew past this area and took some quick shots of the heart shaped plantation and now directly in front of the heart a formation was created.

When we arrived at the formation we were completely unaware of the framers request at the time - the farmer did arrive but did not say anything to us so we continued to photograph this formation - but we did feel that we should exit this field and this we did several minutes later.

This is the first formation in wheat this season which at ground level was perfectly and precisely created - with geometric perfection and swaying wheat in the outer circle showed clearly that this is Not a man made creation. Shading is also clearly defined by the way the makers swooped in and out of the propeller elements of the design.

Another interesting find in this formation is the reddish streak - these are oats which in one part of the formation covered the flattened wheat completely - someone has already stated that it gave the impression of an oil slick.

Photographing formations in young wheat can be a challenge as the silvery green can clash in trying to capture contrast, so when viewing images it can give the viewer a negative impression of the formation - but to what we have witnessed on the night and seeing this formation at ground level I have no hesitation to inform you all that this formation is 100% genuine.

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